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All of our research projects require that you have the public domain Java image-processing program ImageJ installed. It runs on Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X and Linux. If you already have ImageJ 1.39s or greater, you can upgrade to the latest version by going to Plugins > Utilities > Update ImageJ... within ImageJ.

Polaris Plug-in

You must also install our Polaris Plug-in for ImageJ, which performs all of the necessary astronomical image analysis. Once installed, it will be available under the Plugins > Polaris menu in ImageJ. To install, simply place the contents of the following ZIP file into the ImageJ/plugins directory.

Graphical Analysis

Our spectroscopy projects (Stellar, Variable Star, and AGN) require the Graphical Analysis 3 software. This is commercial software, but a demo version is available.

Planetarium Software and Find_Orb

Our Killer Asteroids project requires that both orbit-fitting software and a planetarium program be installed. The former currently limits this project to be run only under Windows.

Step 1 - Install one of these commercial planetarium programs:

Step 2 - Install the free orbit-fitting software Find_Orb. It's included in the "Project Folder" download on the project page. Otherwise, install as follows:

Unzipping Software

Our Killer Asteroids project also requires the ability to unzip image files archived in the GZIP format. If you don't already have one, we recommend 7-Zip for Windows. It's open-source and free to install.

Photoshop and FITS Liberator

Our Image-Making Project requires the following commercial software, which run on both Windows and Mac (OS 9 and OS X):